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  1. Guqin Sona Cosplay (Video Guide engl)
  2. HobbitCon 2014 Workshop bei Laura dem Faun (Video)
  3. Dark Valkyrie Diana - Cosplay Progress - League of Legends
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  5. Cosplay Tutorial - Painting Breastplate
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  7. Lightning Cosplay Costume Progress Video Blizzcon 2014
  8. Let's Make: Galadriel's Crown from the Hobbit (Video)
  9. Cosplay Gem Tutorial von Missyeru
  10. EVA FOAM: Cutting for Beginners (Video Tutorial)
  11. Transparent Worbla / Transpa-Art
  12. Screwable props | weapons (Waffen transportfähig auseinanderbaubar machen)
  13. How to build Shadowmourne (Axtbau fürs Cosplay) von KamuiCosplay
  14. How attach horns at the wig ~ Mouflon horns (Luka Cosplay)
  15. Khajiit Cosplay - Making of by Laura Jansen (Lightning Cosplay)
  16. Overwatch Symmetra Cosplay - Making Of by KamuiCosplay
  17. Cosplay Tutorial - LED Basics by KamuiCosplay
  18. Cosplay Tutorial: Black Worbla - Breastplate by KamuiCosplay
  19. XENA Cosplay Tutorial by KamuiCosplay
  20. Nord Cosplay – Making Of by Laura Jansen (Lightning Cosplay)
  21. Making of Nova's Rifle by KamuiCosplay
  22. Maleficent Cosplay (Laura Jansen aka Lightning Cosplay)
  23. Courtoon talks about Anime Merch Haul and New Cosplay! | SamuraiBuyer Review
  24. Building a Stormtrooper Blaster First Order (Star Wars Ep 7) by Andrew DFT
  25. DESTINY : Auto Rifle by Andrew DFT
  26. HOW TO: Halo Marine Cosplay & Magnum Prop Tutorial by Andrew DFT
  27. HOW TO: Sealing & Painting by Andrew DFT
  28. How to 3D print a Pip-Boy! (KamuiCosplay)
  29. Fallout 4 - Building a Gauss Rifle Replica (KamuiCosplay)
  30. DESTINY Warlock Cosplay (Andrew DFT)
  31. Making 3D Printed Star Wars Weapons! | My Mini Factory
  32. Princess Leia Cosplay Transformation (Courtoon)
  33. HOW TO: Halo Reach ODST Costume (Andrew DFT)
  34. Overwatch D.Va Gun Replica (KamuiCosplay)
  35. Creating Rusty Foam Armor - Dogmeat - Fallout 4 (KamuiCosplay)
  36. Tutorial - FFXIV Summoner Cosplay (KamuiCosplay)
  37. Making of Logitech G Hero Cosplays (Laura Jansen aka Lightning Cosplay)
  38. TITANFALL 2: Pulseblade Pilot Cosplay (Andrew DFT)
  39. Hero of the Storm: Making the Cosplay (Blizzard, henchmenprops)
  40. Andrew DFT präsentiert seine Knarren (Cosplay)
  41. Overwatch Sombra Gun Replica (KamuiCosplay)
  42. HOW TO: Gears Of War 4 Lancer (Andrew DFT)
  43. Cosplay Workshop Tour - KamuiCosplay
  44. Cosplay Sculpting and Mold Making von Laura Jansen
  45. HOW TO: STAR WARS Clone Dc-15s Blaster (Andrew DFT)
  46. DESTINY Hand Cannon & Auto Rifle (Andrew DFT)
  47. Final Fantasy XIV Monk Cosplay (KamuiCosplay)
  48. SINDRAGOSA: Cosplay Creation Time Lapse & Walk Through (Jessica Nigri)
  49. HOW TO: Mass Effect Andromeda Predator pistol (Andrew DFT)
  50. Pipe Revolver Pistol Replica - Fallout 4 (KamuiCosplay)
  51. How TO make prop templates by Andrew DFT
  52. HOW TO: STAR WARS Clone Trooper/ Scout Cosplay (Andrew DFT)
  53. Aloy Cosplay (Laura Jansen)
  54. DOTA2 - Battle Fury Item/Cosplay Prop (Andrew DFT)
  55. HZD Shadow Stalwart Cosplay (KamuiCosplay)
  56. HOW TO: Mass Effect Andromeda Shuriken Cosplay Prop (Andrew DFT)
  57. League Of Legends - Jhin's Gun/Cosplay Prop
  58. Elex Cosplay Making of: Nasty (Lightning Cosplay)
  59. Dye Polyester Fabric for your Cosplay (Lightning Cosplay)
  60. How to Sew a Cosplay - FFXIV Miqo'te Starter Set (KamuiCosplay)
  61. How to make an Ultracal 30 mold for prosthetics (Lightning Cosplay)
  62. How to make Foam Latex Prosthetics (Lightning Cosplay)
  63. Iris von Everec Cosplay Making-of | The Witcher 3 (Lightning Cosplay)
  64. Nova Cosplay Transformation (KamuiCosplay)
  65. More GEARS OF WAR templates (Andrew DFT)
  66. Building Elder Scrolls Decoration (Lightning & Monono Cosplay)
  67. How to make a Reinhardt Hammer(jessicanigri)
  68. LED Zinogre Dual Blades - Monster Hunter (KamuiCosplay)
  69. How to make a Khal Drogo belt (jessicanigri)
  70. Fortnite Cosplay Prop (Andrew DFT)
  71. Overwatch Sombra Cyberspace - Cosplay Prop (Andrew DFT)
  72. Borderlands: Miss Moxxis Rubi Cosplay Prop (Andrew DFT)
  73. How To Paint + Apply Latex Prosthetics (Lightning Cosplay)
  74. Hogwarts House Banners DIY - Harry Potter Party Decoration
  75. COD BLACK OPS 3 : MR6 Pistol Cosplay Prop (Andrew DFT)
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  77. Olgierd Cosplay - Witcher 3 (Lightning Cosplay)
  78. Fallout Cosplay Prop (Andrew DFT)
  79. Encapsulated Silicone Prosthetics - Olgierd von Everec Scar (Lightning Cosplay)
  80. E-11 Imperial Blaster Replica, Iden Versio Cosplay - EA Star Wars Battlefront II
  81. How to apply PlastiDip - Cosplay Tutorial (KamuiCosplay)
  82. 3D Printed Slinger - Monster Hunter World Cosplay (Lightning Cosplay)
  83. Cosplay Chainmail - 4 Alternatives, Lightweight and Cheap (Lightning Cosplay)
  84. Top 10 most useful tools for Cosplay! (KamuiCosplay)
  85. The Best Glue for EVA Foam - Cosplay Tutorial (KamuiCosplay)
  86. Troll Perücke bauen (jessicanigri)
  87. Nergigante Monster Hunter World Cosplay (KamuiCosplay)
  88. Darksiders 3 Fury Cosplay (Lightning Cosplay)
  89. Fallout 76 Cosplay Props (Lightning Cosplay)
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  91. Faun Cosplay (Lightning Cosplay)
  92. What Foam do you use? (Andrew DFT)
  93. Aloy Banuk Trailblazer Cosplay
  94. APEX Legends Cosplay Gun Templates (Andrew DFT)
  95. Anthem Waffen (Andrew DFT)
  96. Anthem Replica (KamuiCosplay)
  97. 3D Modeling with Blender for Cosplay (KamuiCosplay)