Pathfinder Society - No Plunder, No Pay (Full Session)

Veröffentlicht am 07.09.2015
In this video I play my Paladin Alexi in a full session of Pathfinder Society,
complete with pretty much every element I've come to expect of a usual PFS session.

We've got the guy who is there excited to roleplay in addition to everything else, that is me and one other, two of us!
We have the guy who isn't really participating all that much, pretty standard.
We have not one but two power gamer guys, only one of whom is actually ruining the experience, so that is a plus.
And then we have the GM, this one quite enthusiastic and eager to roleplay, which is great,
and even willing to stand up to the power gamer, at least a little bit, which is rare.

The adventure is mostly combat and the group that is supposed to work together mostly does
while only some members make ridiculous threats and demands that no Society member who wants to keep working would ever do.
All in all a typical PFS experience for me. Thankfully I have had better...