Naja, ob ich das nu so prickelnd finde?
Wobei wenn durch die Blechbüchsen anderweitig Magie fließt, warum nicht?
Ggf. interessieren sie sich ja für ihre Materialkomponenten, deren ökologischen An- und Abbau....

Walking on the Wild Side with a Warforged Druid| Unorthodox 5E D&D Character Builds

Veröffentlicht am 11.12.2015

We had a request for this character build. It also has some cross over with a D&D ize character build that was requested awhile ago for dinobot from beast wars.
This one that I would really enjoy playing a game Eberron or otherwise. This character build has a lot room for interesting role-playing as well cool character growth potential.
The druid class and warforged race are two combinations that aren't likely to go together, but that is the fun of this series.