EVE Online
Timelapse - The Development of EVE Online

Veröffentlicht am 12.01.2017
CCP SnowedIn made a neat video of the ESI development over the last half of 2016
with gource.io (http://gource.io/) that you can check out here: https://youtu.be/nlzUWfxjyUM

After seeing it, the rest of Team TechCo was curious if we could do the same with the entire Perforce history of Eve,
including all its ~480 branches flattened onto one timeline spanning twelve years.
After finding a file which survived from a two digit changelist until now (which was aptly named “destiny”),
we threw a script at Perforce to scrub the history into the gource format. This animation was the result!

This video represents only the source code changes to EVE Online.
You can see the Python (py) and C++ (cpp, h, cxx) counters in the top left corner.
Because of the coloring of the C++ files you can see where the code lives for components
such at the renderer, physics simulation, and audio.

We have scrubbed a lot of directory labels for clarity, but at the root of the tree the codebase starts with folders
for the client and server logic written in Python. Over time you can see these move into “core”, “eve”, and “carbon”,
visualizing the branching and migration of the core game engine of Eve.

Each of the drone icons you can see moving around represented a perforce user,
and the changes they're making to EVE's codebase.

Expansion & Major Release Timestamps:

1:13 - Exodus Expansion
2:00 - Exodus: Cold War
2:34 - Exodus: Red Moon Rising
2:48 - Bloodlines
3:53 - Revelations I
4:25 - Revelations II
5:00 - Trinity
5:40 - Empyrean Age
6:23 - Quantum Rise
7:27 - Apocrypha
8:49 - Dominion
9:48 - Tyrannis
11:15 - Incursion
14:22 - Incarna
16:42 - Crucible
18:41 - Inferno
20:47 - Retribution
22:24 - Odyssey
23:43 - Rubicon
24:51 - Kronos
25:48 - Phoebe
26:03 - Rhea
26:21 - Tiamat
26:43 - Mosaic
27:08 - Aegis
28:46 - Citadel
30:01 - Ascension

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