Halldamir and Rahal
Let's Play WH40k Deathwatch - Introduction
~Zur Playlist: Let's Play WH40k Deathwatch - Fall Into Darkness campaign ~

Veröffentlicht am 30.01.2017
In this bi-weekly campaign we join Kill-Team Durendal in their trails and tribulations
defending the Jericho Reach from the mutant, the alien and the heretic.

-- Participants --
Halldamir - The Game Master

Rahal - Pyriel, Salamander Librarian
Grimith - Vargas Malthek, Black Templar Tech Marine
Manaki - Perseus, Ultramarine Tactical Marine
Jake - Kethyr, Storm Warden Apothecary
Alex - Waine, Raven Guard Assault Marine

We are using MapTool to simulate our virtual tabletop and the W40K-RPG framework to simulate the Deathwatch ruleset.
and can be found here: http://forums.rptools.net/viewtopic.p...