Let’sPlay „Tanggal“: Immer schön im Licht bleiben!

Am 17.07.2018 veröffentlicht
Lucy vermisst ihre Ehefrau Vanessa. Auf der Suche nach ihr stürzt sie in eine verlassene Mine.
Doch ganz allein ist sie hier unten nicht.

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Entwickler: Isip Games
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  • Diversity - The game’s protagonist is a queer woman of color, which is rarely depicted in media, especially not video games.
  • Mythology - Inspiration for this game was taken from Filipino mythology which, despite its vastness, is not typically used in mainstream media the way mythology from other cultures is.
  • Atmosphere - Rather than using jumpscares to make this game scary, the focus is on atmosphere and giving players a sense of unease.

This is a project created during a 10-week long game development course at the University of Skövde, Sweden. Average playtime is about 15 minutes.