Saving Throw
2015 Star Wars Holiday Special

Am 16.12.2015 veröffentlicht
We're playing Fantasy Flight's Star Wars - Edge of the Empire RPG.
Join a special Star Wars version of Barky's Brigade as they sell out Luke and Obi Wan and hitch a ride on the Millennium Falcon!
Udo Meinhardt - Chiss Force User - Tom Lommel - @tomlommel / @dungeonbastard
Arqe Barky - Wookiee Marauder/Medic - Amy Vorpahl - @vorpahlsword
Donovan Belter - Human Mercenary Soldier - Shawn Graham - @MrShawnGraham
Aatuska Nakine - Rodian Assassin - Virva Aryan
Asher Flynt - Bothan Politico - Chris Greenwood
BR1-NK - Droid Mechanic Slicer - Mason McDaniel - @GM_Mace