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The Elder Scrolls Online: The Evolving Home & Combat Team Chat

Livestream vor 14 Stunden
This week, Systems Designer Cullen Lee will talk about the amazing new home coming with ESO: Elsweyr,
the Hall of the Lunar Champion, and show off some of its unique, year-long features.
Together, the team will also look at some of the submissions in the recent community-run “Create a Cake” housing contest.
Then, Combat Lead Brian Wheeler and Associate Combat Designer Gilliamtherogue show how the current ESO: Elsweyr beta test
is going and discuss some of the upcoming combat changes prior to the next Chapter’s full launch.
They’ll also be answering select questions from the ESO forums, so be sure to tune in!
If you’re interested in how a stunning piece of ESO’s artwork is made, or want to learn about the latest tool support, don’t miss this show!