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Mud, Blood, & Glory takes place during the early 1880s: a time of great change in the American west.
The frontier is being reined in by the railroad, distant communities are being connected by telegraph,
and great wealth is being discovered and extracted from the land.
Folks of all kinds see the western expanse as a land of opportunity — a chance to earn a decent, honest living
away from the newly industrialized cities of the east.

Other folks felt the confines of lawful living were too restrictive of their dreams.
These ordinary people forged new identities and became the legendary figures of western lore.
Belle Star, Billy the Kid, the Wild Bunch, and more like them struck out against the laws of the land
and took the riches of others for themselves.
You will play as one of these outlaws: will you be a slick gunslinger, a smooth talker with a heart of gold,
a calculating mastermind, a rugged survivalist, or something more?
Do you have what it takes to live and die in infamy?

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