Von radiomultiverse eine Serie von 25 Videos, in denen Eberron mit dem System Savage World bespielt wird,
halt in englisch und mit weniger Bildern, aber immerhin eine Geschichte in Eberron

Veröffentlicht am 14.10.2014
Welcome to our new installment of Radio Multiverse RPG!
The Savage World of Eberron: The Secret of Xen'drik!
This campaign will be game mastered by Douwe and is the replacement for our Exalted Fate campaign.
Join Galen, the human hunter, Grimgol, the dwarf artificer, Sparks, the warforged wizard and Ralkor, the hobgoblin inquisitive,
as they travel to the far-off continent of Xen'drik at the behest of House Orien
to investigate the fate of a small trading village that became completely deserted overnight.

But before they can leave, they must first deal with some local trouble in the city of Sharn
as a shadowy individual seeks to impede their journey at every turn...