Eine Einführung ins Spiel von TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit
(wie sich versteht auf englisch)

An introduction to Dungeons and Dragons Online

Hochgeladen am 21.06.2010

This video is a remake of a live stream put out on Friday's Blue Plz! on http://www.cynicalbrit.com.
The archive of said stream was lost, so I put together another similar video for those listening to the podcast.
I'd like to apologise for the wierd, blurry artifacts that you may see in outside areas.
This is due to the way h.264 encoding works, it REALLY hates small, constantly moving stuff like snow, mucking up the keyframes and such.

I started playing WoW at launch, on and off over the course of it's entire lifespan, but DDO is the only alternative MMO that's kept me playing for more than a month.
It is a sufficiently different and well-crafted experience, providing hundreds of well-designed dungeons, tough encounters and meaty, enjoyable combat.
It's purely a PvE game with many more layers of complexity than WoW and best of all, it's free.
I would highly recommend you give it a try if you're looking for something to do pre-Cataclysm.
Here's a quick checklist to see whether or not you might enjoy the game.

Try it if you like :-

* More complex character creation
* Dungeons
* Group-orientated content
* Weapon variety
* Raids
* A challenge
* Story-driven content
* Hack and Slash style combat

Do those things sound good? Then you might like the game.

Avoid it if you like :-

* Lots of non-instanced content
* Open worlds
* PvP
* Hot-key style combat

Our guild is on Argonessian US, we are accepting all comers at this time and will happily help you to get started.
It's called Cynical Brit and you can message TotalBiscuit, Alris, Krezra or Gellen for an invite.